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Turn your photo into art

Your friends and family will never know what these designs are made from, so be bold, get creative, and turn your photo into art.

We’ve had some pretty unusual pictures turned into kaleidoscopes here - even some of“unmentionables.” As long as it’s not a photo of illegal activity, it’s fair game. We’ll turn any photo into a work of art. You can display them in your home or office, give them as gifts, whatever you like. Only you will know what was used to create the kaleidoscope design.

After paying here, you’ll be taken to a page where you can upload your photo. The completed design will be sent to the email address you enter into the form below. Have fun!

Tip: Use a photo that has some color in it.

Insert PayPal form here

THEN take to page where they can upload their photo. Somehow, we need to have the email address associated with the photo, so we know where to send it.