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Tote bags, potholders, aprons, placemats, wall hangings, backpacks, wallets and purses are just a few of the items on which you can put a Byala design. Sew your own, or customize one that’s premade.

This is a great way to repurpose and reuse an item that is outdated. Renew it and make it your own.

You could probably find a few things lying around your home that would work well for a project like this. Consider gym bags, totes and t-shirts.

To make these items, all you really need is some suitable fabric and a way to sew them. For cloth, consider reusing old pillowcases or sheets. In fact, any fabric can be raw material for a sewing project.

A sewing machine is much faster and easier on the fingers, but a needle, thimble and thread will do the trick, too. We recommend using a thimble if you sew by hand, especially if you’re using thicker or sturdier fabrics.  

We include how to make a couple of items here, to get your imagination going. Many tutorials are available online, so we won’t duplicate all that work here, we’ll just give you a few ideas.

How to make a tote bag

How to make an apron

Not crafty? Buy a ready-made item.

Have you made something with a Byala design? Share a photo of it.

Items to Sew or Customize

Go from Items to Sew or Customize to Designs to download.

Have a bag that would be great to use, if it weren’t for that nasty or outdated design on the side? No problem! Just cover it with a Byala design.

Then you save the bag from the landfill... or the dark recesses of your closet... or another trip to the thrift store. It wants to be used, so let it.

Get this design.

Sew or Customize items to personalize your belongings


Personalized gifts are memorable gifts. Sew or customize something for a loved one.

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