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“Royalty free” means you don’t have to pay each time you use an image. You pay for it once, and use it as many times as you want, forever.

Many works (such as books, TV shows, and songs) have royalties attached to their use. Every time they’re used, the creator is paid a royalty fee. Community theatres pay royalties to the playwright for each time they perform a particular play, for example. Byala designs aren’t like that. They’re royalty free designs. Just one fee for a design, forever.

For commercial use (even nonprofit and classroom use): our designs are royalty free for you, too. That’s pretty unusual, we know. We just have a little favor to ask in return. Please leave the website’s url intact if there is one on the design(s) that you choose. It helps spread the word, and that will help keep these designs available for you to use at low (or no) cost. Help us keep our designs royalty free.

Alternately, you can put a link to on your school or company website, and share the resource that way.

So if you have a company that produces tote bags and you want to use some of our designs but don’t want to have the url on the totes you sell, no problem! Just put a link on your website to ours, letting people know from where the designs that you used in your creations came. Win-win.

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What does “royalty free” mean?