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Buy ready-made products

No time or proclivity for creating? Buy ready-made products.

Not everyone has the time or the inclination to make things for their homes, offices, or gifts. That’s okay. Just buy some things here that are already made for you. These are great for when you need a gift fast.

You can order from the list of items we have on this page, or you can visit our CafePress store, where you can have one of our designs put on just about anything you can imagine.

Our list of designs there is growing steadily (it takes time to format each design so that it will work with CafePress, and we’re working on them). If you see a design here that you want on a CafePress item but it’s not there yet, just let us know, and we’ll get it formatted immediately for you.

Here are some of the items that we have ready to go for you. Choose from this list when you need a gift fast.

Framed prints, from $20

Serving plates, from $20

Decorative ceramic tiles, from $5

Checkers sets, $20

Book covers - dust jackets, from $5

Ornaments, from $3

Greeting cards, from $3

Candle wraps, $2 each

Cloth napkins, $20 per set of four

Necklace pendants, from $5

Shipping not included, and is calculated before payment.

Whenever possible, we use reclaimed materials or repurposed objects for our ready-made products. This adds to the unique nature of our items, and it also is one way we can do our part to help the environment. We take something that would otherwise go to waste and turn it into something beautiful and collectible.That’s something you can be proud of - your purchases help charity and the planet.

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We bet you’re creative - share how you have used a Byala design. Contact us here to share your ideas.

Stained glass rocket picture makes a great gift.