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Printable stencils

Printable stencils you can download

Why waste the time going to a store? Why buy a set of stencils online and wait for it to be shipped to you? Find stencil designs you want right here, download them, and start decorating right away.

Stencils can be used for decorating walls with paint, but you don’t have to limit yourself to that. Stenciling is also great for so much more - decorating binders, creating unique framed artwork, making frosted glass, and dying or painting fabric are just a few ideas.

We recommend making your stencils from vellum - stencil plastic. If you don’t have any, you could always print them on cardstock, but not regular printer paper. Carefully cut them out using a sharp blade such as a craft knife. If you want to laminate them for longevity, cut them out first, and then laminate them. Carefully trim the lamination close to the edges of the stencil before use.

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Stencils you can print from your computer - what could be better for getting started on your project right now?

Stencils are easy to use. Just place one on the item where you want it to go, hold it securely in place by hand or with masking tape, and apply the paint or texture. Remove the stencil before the paint is dry, clean it if needed, and use again as desired.

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How much do stencils cost?

Every stencil here is 99¢- less than in any store. We can afford to do that because we just design them; you print and cut out the shapes yourself. You can make them different sizes, and get the exact size you need - we don’t think you’ll find that at your local craft store. You’ll also have the design on your computer, so you can make stencils from it over and over again, forever, if you want.

Popular designs for children’s rooms and books include transportation stencils and sports stencils. Flower stencils appeal to people of all ages and are used to decorate nearly anything imaginable. We also have stencils for animals, spaceships, spaceships and rockets, tools, people, and insects.