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Order Byala Name Medallions

Your Byala Name Medallion is something you can be proud to own. It makes a great conversation piece, and you can use it in many ways - display it in a frame, iron it on tote bags or other items, make personalized stationery... The options are endless.

Byala Name Medallions also make great gifts.

Byala Name Medallions made just for you  

Because they’re so special, Byala Name Medallions cost a little more than some of the other art here.

Downloaded Name Medallions are $4.99 each.

If we print, frame, and ship them for you, they’re $25.00 each, which is still a very affordable gift.

You’ll see it’s quite worth the price when you factor in the expense of a quality picture frame and consider what it costs to ship something these days.  

It saves you time, and your time is worth more than that, so go ahead, order several to give as gifts - and feel good about it!

Whether you download and print them yourself, or have us put them together for you, it’s a steal.




For the $4.99 Name Medallions that you can print yourself, please use this form. If you want us to print, frame, and ship one for you, please use the form at the bottom of the page.

We ship - Byala Name Medallion - the perfect personalized gift.


Plus shipping

If you’d like us to print, frame, and ship a Byala Name Medallion for you, we’d be happy to help! The cost is higher and it covers ink, stock, matting, a quality picture frame, careful packing and shipping to your desired destination. Standard shipping charges do apply. We are happy to ship internationally, so if you have overseas loved ones, it will be our pleasure to pass along your gift and greetings.

If the order is a gift, and you would like to include a “From” note, please be sure to enter whatever you would like to have written on the card that we will include with your gift. If you wish your gift to remain anonymous, please indicate that clearly in the instructions section on the order form. Thank you!

You print - Byala Name Medallion - the perfect personalized gift.

Ship gifts the easy way - we do it for you.

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