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Interior decorating ideas

Interior decorating ideas for using Byala designs

Interior decorating ideas don’t have to cost much money or time, yet they can still be exactly what you want for your home or office.

Armed with Byala designs, you can give your home a makeover and let it express your style. Here are some ideas to get you going.

Framed and hanging on a wall

Drink coasters

Stenciled onto walls



Wall hangings

Printed onto fabric, stretched onto a frame and hung like a canvas painting

Ironed onto T-shirts

Ironed onto gym bags or tote bags

Book covers


Decorate school binders

Decorate serving trays

Decoupaged onto old jewelry for new wearable art

Printed on paper and wrapped around candles

A strip around the rim of a flower pot

Stenciled onto glass for a frosted glass effect

Fabric room divider screens

Pillows and pillowcases

Cloth napkins



Wallpaper for computer desktop

Wallpaper for walls

Imitation stained glass windows

Decoupaged onto napkin rings

Frame a Name Medallion and give as a wedding gift

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We bet you’re creative - share how you have used a Byala design. Contact us here to share your ideas.

Glue to the bottom of glass gems for a unique set of checkers

Wrap unsightly objects in them and leave on display (an air freshener can looks gorgeous wrapped in a Byala design)