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Free designs and free images

The designs on this page are all free, for anyone to use. What’s the “catch?” You have to leave the url intact on the design, so others will know where to find things they love, too. You get to use a design for free, on anything you like, and we get a little more exposure. We both win.

How can I get other designs for free?

Okay, so you love the “get a design for free” idea, but you want something that’s not in this collection. How can you take your pick of any design on this site?

If you are going to be distributing 100 or more copies of a design, you can get ANY of our designs for free at this time (subject to change), provided you leave on the design.

Just contact us with the file name of the design you want, and let us know who it’s going to help.

If you’re a children’s museum and will be handing out coloring sheets to every child who attends a special exhibit...

If you’re an art teacher who will be teaching all of your students to silk screen one of our designs...

If you’re a T-shirt designer and plan to sell 100 or more shirts with one of the designs you find here...

If you need a unique Power Point background, a pretty picture for your event’s “goodie bags,” or wall art for your facilities...

If you’re a medical professional, an educator, a librarian, or anyone else who comes into contact with large numbers of people...

You may be able to get all the designs you want, at no cost.

Contact us now.

Get free designs and free images here

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