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They can be much more intricate if desired, as in this Name Medallion of the name Michelle.

A Byala Name Medallion reminds some people of a wreath or a doily. Some say it reminds them of concepts like eternity and the circle of life.

Whether you love your Name Medallion for a deep meaning or its intricate beauty, one thing is sure - you’ll love feeling special, and having a Byala design made out of your name can make anyone feel special. Be among the first to get yours.

Designs With Your Name

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Personalized gift with name

These Byala Name Medallions are simple designs made from the name “Jennifer” and “David.”

Imagine a beautiful design that is made from your own name. It flows around in a circular pattern, with lines dancing around each other. We call it a Byala Name Medallion. In two of the images on this page, it’s pretty easy to see the names in the designs- Jennifer and David.

Byala Name Medallions create designs with your name.

Ways to use your Byala Name Medallion

Frame your Byala Name Medallion and display it in your home or office.

Use it as the cover of a binder - just slide it into the protective sleeve on the front.

Resize your Byala Name Medallion and turn it into a keychain like no other.

Resize and laminate it, then hang it from your rearview mirror.

Tape it to the door to your dorm room, or inside your locker.

Order Name Medallions.

The name Michelle

Order Name Medallions.

Unusual gifts

Remember that Byala Name Medallions make great gifts for any occasion. Simply print, frame, and deliver for a memorable gift.