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aka Byala Designs is an organic venture that was seeded by Alan’s boredom during long, slow nights manning a desk in an empty building, years ago.

It was watered with his wife’s enthusiasm upon discovering his talent when she came across his many drawings. They had been sitting on a jump drive, just waiting to be found. And one day, almost by magic and certainly by accident (or was it? Mayhap it was destined to be), she stumbled across them while looking for a proofreading client’s file. Those two jump drives were the same color, you see, and she grabbed the “wrong one.” The designs rejoiced at having been found, and she marveled at their beauty and complexity.

The creation was fed by the encouraging reactions of everyone who saw Alan’s art over the years as he created more and more designs. Invariably, the reaction involved a comment to the effect of, “I never knew you could do things like this! These are great!”

Everyone wanted to know when he was going to do something with his artwork. Some even asked for custom-made designs. After years of being watered and fed, the venture is growing.

Photo of Alan Harshman, creator of Byala Designs

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These are purchases that support good causes - a full 10% of the proceeds from each sale goes to charity, whether you’re downloading designs or buying ready-made items. The donation from your purchase might go to food pantries, disaster relief, or to empower the poor. You can feel good about that!

Byala designs are now offered to the public. They are being discovered by people who

Not everyone can create a design from scratch, but with a little help, people can decorate anything they want. Join those who have discovered Byala Designs, and unleash your creativity today.

Purchases that support good causes